Studies in fashion design allowed this Montreal born self-taught artist to receive an education in drawing and illustration using mixed medium.  Later on, she attended workshops while taking private lessons at the Saidye Bronfman Centre for the Arts.  The workshops allowed her to experiment with various artistic techniques and methods of expression.  It is through the use of oil painting that she developed her own style and her own technique.


Her artistic approach is mostly introspective: whether through soul-searching, questioning what defines human beings, or seeking a fundamental meaning to our existence.  Her style is figurative and her paintings, depicting fictional (although occasionally real) characters, are often surrounded by flowers or luscious greenery. She expresses the essence of a quest for well-being where harmony and inner peace become one with our environment. 


In this fast-paced life, where the need for productivity and efficiency overshadow the need to simply live and exist, Adele Zanni emphasizes on the existence of the inner-self.  Her paintings lead us to get in touch with our senses so introspection can bring self-awareness.  It is through painting that she finds such balance.  Therefore, painting is a spiritual celebration that is essential in her life; without painting, there would be total chaos. 


Through her paintings, she wishes to communicate a feeling of warmth and well-being.  According to her, Art must lead to a reflection, even if only while looking at a painting, in order to transcend the importance of being touched by “beauty”, and to renew with the sensitivity that defines human beings.