Of Italian origin, born in Montreal in 1972, in the heart of Little Italy, Adele Zanni knew at a very young age that she was an artist.


Incidentally, her kindergarten teacher had announced it to her parents at a school reunion.  This affirmation confirmed her “different” identity from that of her classmates and immediately

immersed her in a pictorial exploration venture.


Therefore, she spends her entire childhood drawing.  Inspired by all that she sees, she constantly reproduces the images of her colouring book, and attempts portraits of her family and friends.  Given her introverted nature, she carefully observes her environment and develops a particular attraction for faces, expressions, and the body language of the people surrounding her.


Later, she studies fashion design at Lasalle College, in Montreal, and wins several prizes while participating in prestigious competitions.   One prize leads her to a stage in creativity at the SAGA International Design Centre, in Copenhagen, Denmark.  This experience comes as a true revelation for her passion for the arts.  Back in Montreal, she thinks more and more about painting.


As a self-taught artist, she attends painting classes and workshops at the Saydie Bronfman Centre where she discovers and tunes her own style of painting, in 1996.  From that moment on, her language evolves as she expresses the intimacy of her emotions, of her soul.


Since then she regularly participates in various painting exhibits, whether collective or solo, her aim is to practice her passion in a professional manner.


In July of 2003, she is a finalist in the Just for Laughs visual arts competition for the Montreal Just for Laughs Festival.


In 2009, she wins the Grand Prize for the realization of a mural during the Pignons à Vues competition on Ontario st., in Montreal, with the participation of artist Marc-André Jutras.


In 2010, she undergoes training for business start-up in the arts at Cie-F, in Montreal, in the approach to advertise her art and attain diverse markets.


Promoting her art in North-America and abroad is a dream which is gradually becoming a reality.  Some of her work can be found in the U.S., Europe and Asia.


She is presently working on an exhibit project in Lagrasse, France.